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when we last left off, our heroine was about to continue the celebration of her naissance by drinking heavily with as many friends as she could gather in one place.  and she was successful! 

mint was lovely on friday.  we sat on the back deck in the perfect september weather and swilled delicious cocktails for hours.  over the course of the evening, about 30 friends came by to wish me well.  i never bought a drink for myself nor a nibble.  people kept coming up and telling me they'd paid the bar for my next drink!  since i only had 3, i think the bar made a killing on our party. good for the bar!  i had such a good time.  it was marvelous to look around the circle and see all the faces of people i love--and interesting to see how disperate the groups of people in my life are!  folks from work, old music friends, the jew crew of growing up in southwest portland, friends from high school--it was quite a crew.  and most fun was the arrival of a boy i kinda like who came fairly early and stayed the whole time even though he didn't know anyone but me!  i'm hoping for a repeat performance sometime soon but i'm trying to be the girl here and let him do the pursuing.   sigh.  we'll see.  the other way has never worked very well for me (me chasing after) so i'm trying something new.  anyway i had a ball and felt well-celebrated when it was over.

and then saturday was sublime.  enzo and i went to the zoo to get him out of his parents hair so they could clean the house for me.  so we rode the choo choo and saw the leopards and then home.  he fell asleep in the car because he is perfect and does what he's supposed to do, and then i ran around and picked up the prosecco and the coffee service from new seasons and the food from the caterer.  the menu was gorgeous! to start: roasted summer vegetable tart, gougères, house-made crostini with the most delicious white bean dip (olive oil and rosemary, ftw) then: pork braised with olives and onions, cous cous with almonds and currants, roasted summer vegs, green salad with champagne vinaigrette and finally the most beautiful chocolate cake.  oh boy.  i hired a babysitter so my friends who are parenting could relax and enjoy while the kids played and they had a ball--kids and parents!   it was a gorgeous evening.  everyone had a good time...i think.  and for me it was wonderful.  i really couldn't have asked for a better time.  and then my adopted uncle, scott, and i went on a long, wending walk through the moonlight, talking and connecting and being well.  it was the perfect end to a beautiful birthday. 

i am a lucky, lucky woman.


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