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in which i am very, very tired

and though i am very, very tired i am still kind of thrilled with my new icon.  i know, i know, beat a dead horse why don't i?  but i love that shoe.

what can i tell you? 

ah yes, my little teeny nephew of the luca variety has been a sick little nephew.  he and his mama and papa have been sequestered in mt. vernon, wa in a hospital while they've been waiting a diagnosis.  things that could have been making him sick: leukemia, meningitis, pneumonia.  fortunately, the doctors decided he had a viral infection, nothing more, and after 3 days in the hospital, they're finally on their way home today.   on monday afternoon, enzo was delivered to me by the friends my family'd been vacationing with in the san juan islands so i've been on full time enzo alert since then.  holy christ!  i don't know how you parents do it!    and single ones.....i was sitting on the couch with him this morning realizing i hadn't bathed in 2 days, and, for the life of me, couldn't quite figure out how i was going to get that done.  i mean, he's two and a half, you can't just leave him!  thank god for youtube and the sesame street channel.  he watched elmo pretty happily for 8 minutes while i showered.   and the family is on their way home so tonight i'll be in my own bed cuddling with my poor kitty stella who's basically been alone since last thursday when i went to seattle for a training.  and i forgot about her completely in the midst of all the medical crisis--i was in bed last night reading when i realized i'd forgotten to feed her yesterday.  so she was without food and water for 24 hours.  man.  we went over early this morning and, you know, explained to my kitteh that i still loved her and hadn't completely abandoned her.  poor, poor kitteh. 

i was going to post all about my interesting weekend in seattle where i learned how to use a digital camera (yes, i am the last person in the united states without one or the knowledge of one) and adobe photoshop and premier in order to create digital storytelling as part of an organization called bridges to understanding but i'm not gonna now.  too tired. 

in fannish and other news: i am thrilled and terrified by the season premier of himym (nph was so great!  and the man can wear slacks and a button-down with the sleeves rolled back like nobody's business); i am still madly in love with robson green (extreme fishing and poncy actors, ftw!) and am continuing to work my way through his film oeuvre (much of it very lifetime-ish but how can i not watch it?); i've been reading a bit too--the tony hill books which are terrifically fun to read especially since the show was so well cast; i'm totally hooked by the sarah connor chronicles, gossip girl, madmen, californication and am waiting to fall in love with true blood (i have faith it'll happen--come on, alan ball!);  i continue to be appalled and terrified by the election news (sarah palin is the anti-christ in the most literal sense of the term--one of the most anti-christian "people" our world has had the bad luck to foster), the vastly ridiculous bailout news, the war, our there a do-over button anywhere?

and mostly i want to eat the shoe in my icon. 
hugs to you all

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