la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

sunday minutiae

my nextdoor neighbor, who is almost never home, is having sex.  i can hear her bed squeaking over the clothes dryer down my hall. 

i saw a terrific production of guys and dolls this afternoon.  though i've seen the movie many times, this was the first time i've seen it on stage.  it was delightful.

enzo and i had a wonderful time at the zoo this morning.  he has developed a fear of really big noises.  his eyes get all wide and he says, "whassat big noise?" pointing a finger into the air.   he wanted me to carry him through the fish part of the pacific northwest section of the zoo.   no problem.

i just finished reading my favorite 30 rock fanfic writer's entire oeuvre.  michellek  is just the greatest and she's prolific.  if you enjoy jack/liz the way it oughta be done, she's the one to read.  but now i'm done, i have nothing to read.  unless one of you out there has any suggestions for me........

my cat started purring at me just because i looked at her.  she loves me.  

i have to go back to work tomorrow.  fall break is all done which is sad.  oh!  but i heard people booing sarah palin at a hockey game.  life's looking up!

i am so tired i can't see straight.  i am going to bed.  well, i'm in bed.  i am going to sleep.  nighty-night,  good people, sweet dreams.

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