la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

la tante d'enzo

so i did it.  i called in sick and i know i'm going to catch shit for it since i didn't call for a sub but rather asked our counselor to fill in for the one hour of classroom time that i know have.  it just seems so stupid to have a sub in the building for a half day when there's only one class he/she needs to be there for and the rest of the time they'd be at a loose end.  it'll be interesting to see/hear what my boss has to say when i come back on tuesday.  or rather when she calls to asks some inane question merely to make me feel like i did something wrong......

so my cat is sitting directly in front of me actually placing her body between me and the computer.  makes it kind of difficult to type since im' not such a touch typist but more a see the keys and hit 'em kind of girl.  i failed typing in high school and what's even stranger, at least, i think it's stranger, is that i have only very scetchy memories of taking the class.  i guess it makes sense.  high school was an awful long time ago. the 20 year reunion that i did not attend this past summer was case in point enough methinks. 

one of the things i thought i might use this newer lj for was recording some of my impressions of my super extraordinary nephew hence the name.  my blogspot, as yet still unused, was professional auntie and i thought i might use that here but i rather liked the simplicity and french pretentiousness of la tante.   i'd say the single most important relationship i have right now is the one i'm building with enzo.  he is without a doubt the most amazing person i know.  and i think it's because i'm getting to see him grow that i can say that and mean it.  my friend scott suggested that i keep a record of enzo and other friends bought me a baby book for use with him or one of my own and since it looks less and less likely that i'll produce my own child i guess i could use it for him but i think i'd rather just write good stuff down.   wow.  i have mastered the run-on.  well done me. 

some things that pop into mind about enzo:  i was with him when he took his very first step unassisted.  it was like a miracle.  we were at aaron's house outside with their neighbors.  it was a thursday, i know this because thursdays i pick up the bebe from school.  so we were all standing around with the children: nate and jen with their child jasper, and aaron with aidan and me with enzo.  i don't think jen was there though it wouldn't have made much difference if she had been.  but they were all in front of aaron's steps and it was a sunny afternoon.  really beautiful actually kind of hot like summer was right there.  and enzo was having me run him up and down the sidewalk, climbing the steps of the emptry house to the south of the smirl's.  holding his hands and bending over to balance him.  and he let go to balance himself.  and hten he took a step.  all by himself.  just one. but it was the one.  the first solo step.  and i was right there.  just me.  no one else saw.  it was the most exciting moment.  one little foot right in front of the other.  and i went running over to the other grownups saying did you see that?  it was enzo's first step and no one else had seen it.  it was all mine.  and it was so marvelous. i get to hold that to myself.  that he walked with me.  one giant step for enzo. 
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