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brain meet internet

1.  just read awesome mariska/chris rpf over chez surreallis .  c'est si bon.  and hawt.  as it is with all her pron. 

2.  am downloading the first two eps of oz since i've never seen it and was forced to it by having read above story.

3.  am now totally back into my jack bauer love, mainlining 7 hours of 24 in the last two days.  this show cannot be broadcast fast enough for me.  ooh there's a scene where jack shoves his hands into his front jeans pockets.  i mean.  come on.  how can that be deadly sexy?  it is though.  i swear.

4.  rediscovered love of lost with the second ep of this season.  i totally had a omg!! wtf!!! several times.  thank you, show.

5.  spent some time looking at the pretty sag and golden globe pix over at tv guide.   seems like the golden globes were way kinder to most of the stars than the sags.  in fact, you might call the sags, the saggy dress show.  there was a lot of fabric, people.  i'm just saying. 

6.  himym and big bang are repeats tonight which is really brutal.  and when do chuck and life come back?  

7.  my family is back from d.c. where they had brunch with the PRESS SECRETARY OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES THEY DID!!!!!!  BOB (no one calls him robert) GIBBS AND HIS WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!  AND HE WAS TIRED BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY WORKING VERY HARD!!!!!!!!!!  BECAUSE THEY HAVE A LOT TO DO!!!!!!!  (and there was a teeny little smoke issue in the white house after someone in there somewhere lit a fire in an unopened fireplace and he had to go DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HE DOES!!!!!!) (and they brought me back an official paper doll book with the obama family--i'm never cutting it up!)

8.  my kitchen is almost done being remodeled and i can't wait.  today the plumber came and installed the faucet which looks fucking awesome and they began to paint.  soon soon soon i'll be able to cook in my house again and won't have to eat any more takeout for a bit. unless i'm really craving mediocre thai food.  speaking of which......

9.  i've been researching medical tourism like crazy because i want to have gastric bypass surgery and my insurance doesn't cover it, but i can have it done in bangkok for $16,000.00 less than in the usa.  so i may be going to india or thailand this spring.  fuck,  that looks even more insane in writing than it does in my head.

10.  i spend time online today trying to find out if robson green is filming any more witb but there is no info anywhere!  it can't be that this last series was actually the last series, can it?  that would break my heart.  

11.  i was going to stop at 10 because that's nice and round but i just had to fuck that shit up!  and say happy chinese new year to all y'all!  i'm a monkey, btw.  what are you?
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