la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

my brain, it is the swiss cheese

i think the fumes from the remodel have addled me. 

here's proof: 

a. i left the house today forgetting to blow out the candle i'd lit this morning.  

b. i forgot last night was monday and there was new tv so i missed everything.  yes that's second in importance only to my nearly BURNING MY HOUSE DOWN!

c. i am already at least 2 eps behind on bsg and lost which means i can only look at your posts and save them for later (this makes me very happy about cut tags).

d. i forgot to bring my cell phones to school with me today.  yes, i have 2 of them.  one is for work, so none of my students will be able to reach me today.  and the other is my home phone, so no one in my life will be able to reach me today. 

in conclusion, i think between nearly BURNING DOWN MY HOUSE and forgetting my phones, i really ought to cancel everything and crawl under my bed.   i probably shouldn't be out on the road--i could be endangering others.  i need an "addled head" day.
Tags: life (the real one)
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