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happy valentime's day!!!!!!!!!

 i'm here in snowy black butte, oregon where it's not only the day of lurve but also the sesquicentennial of the state of oregon which is kinda cool and also the 16th annual winter olympics for my group of friends.  yes, this weekend marks the 16th time we've gathered as a group to party down, eat too much food, drink too much, play lots of music, and enjoy each other's company.  this year is a year of change since there are kids in the mix and no drugs (other than tylenol).  omg, we've gotten old!  we're in 2 houses this year instead of crammed into the one we've used for all these years and we have a nanny with us!  so it's a big set of changes but it's still full of good feeling and sweet moments.  

i've been living under a rock lately and it's really all surreallis 's fault.  here's why: chris meloni.  damn him and his sinister charms!  i had to watch oz for days,nay weeks, straight but i've finally seen the entire series.  and it fucking blew my mind.  i am such a huge fan now.  and am scrounging for fic. there no dearth really but i'll take recs if anyone's got 'em! (and i'll read anything but i'm a sucker for keller/beecher, o'reilly/nathan, and schillinger/anyone) and now, sigh, i am embarking upon the epic that is svu.  yes.  i've fallen down the rabbit hole.   so if i'm not around for awhile again, you'll know why.  9 seasons, people.  9 fucking seasons to watch.  

and i can blame oz on missing all the other tv that's been happening lately.  i'm behind on 30 rock, lost, bsg, big bang theory.  i think there was new chuck and life and what else do i watch?  oh yeah bones!!!  i'm behind on bones.  i guess what i need is an extra couple hours in the day to fit it all in.  how sick is that?  i need more time in the day to watch all the stuff i love?  sicko!  also FUCK dollhouse started last night and i missed it because of spending time with my friends!  how lame is that?  spending time with people i love and adore when there's new jossverse to be watched?  man.  i have to get my priorities straight.   and don't tell me anything about it!  in the immortal words of sheldon from big bang theory: "i prefer to let him disappoint me in the order [it] was meant to be."  but i'm crossing my fingers.  it's joss and i will not let him down.  

well, let me close by saying again: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i hope everyone gets a little loving from those loved ones around you.  

Tags: life (the real one)
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