la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

sunday night insomnia

at 7:30 this evening, after a long, sweet day of the zoo and costco (!) with my brother and nephews, i was so sleepy and cozy and i could have just set my alarm and gone to bed.  but no, i had to watch if lucy fell, which i loved when i first saw it way back in 1996 (best friend kink ho!) but certainly hasn't stood up to the test of time.  and then i thought: ok one ep of svu (1st of 4th season, i'm a maniac!) and then i thought: how about a bedtime story by surreallis ?(damn girl i love the way you write!) and then oh look!  that website svufiction dot com has some stuff that might be worth looking at and now it's midnight on sunday, i'm wide awake, and all i want to do is stay up all night reading.   such is my life.  whatevs.

i missed the oscars--didn't even realize they were on tonight.  but that's not unusual, i never watch them.  i always feel vaguely uncomfortable with awards shows like someone's going to trip going up the stairs or forget to thank their mom or husband (hello hillary swank!) or be stupider than i want them to be.  and i'm really only in it for the gowns anyway.  but i did catch the youtubed intro with jackman and boy was that terrific!  i loved how stripped down it was--a really good-natured fun routine with no frills that made me laugh out loud and was, i thought, really respectful of the state of our economy.  it wasn't like it was pedantic--"hey we're a mess!  don't spend any money!  here's a brown paper bag to wear!"--but it wasn't an in your face hollywood has so much money they don't know what to do with it kind of thing either.  it was a romp and that's kind of what we need, don't you think?  and hugh jackman should win every award anyway because he's so incredibly sexy and marvelous and giggly and man he can sing.  "i'm wolveriiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!!" awesome.  

crap.  i should try to go to sleep. ha!  i can probably make it through another ep of svu before i get sleepy.   catch you all on bleary-eyed monday!

eta: saw this over at sheafortherdon's lj (thanks, cate!) and had to post it here because it's been a while since our prez got some love from my journal, so here they are in all their glory----YES THIS IS OUR FUCKING PRESIDENT AND HIS AWESOME FIRST LADY!!!!!!!!! ARE THEY NOT BLESSED BY ANGELS??
Tags: blah, life (the real one), obama is the 44th president of the usa, svu

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