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miss, miss, you take a bus, not a pre-paid taxi!

hey there all
made it with almost no problems to pv.  if you can run the gauntlet of salesmen trying desperately to get to you buy some adventure package or a timeshare, you win a prize at the end....the prize being you find your pre-paid taxi who very kindly escorts you to an air-conditioned cab and gets to you to your hotel.  

there was a little snag as we discovered upon check-in that i'm supposed to be in the hospital for 4 nights instead of the understood 2 which meant my cousin sara was out a hotel room for those 4 nights.  and more importantly i'm in the hospital for 4 nights!  eep.   the program makes the assumption that  companions will stay in the hospital room, but i'd been told by the stateside coordinator that the sleeping arrangements in the rooms were really uncomfortable and so sara said she wanted a hotel room.  on my dime.  and she was being super-pushy about it.  so i'd agreed figuring it was only an extra $200, but then all of a sudden i'm facing another $200, and it was just too much, so i argued with the mexican coordinator for awhile (sara pushing me and telling me to keep arguing) but made no progress. finally i just said i can't deal with this right now (no sleep and no food makes julia a dull girl) and we went to the hotel room.  then the coordinator called and told me she'd switched hospitals for us so we could have the deluxe room.  so hopefully it'll all work out ok and i won't have to pay for the extra hotel at all!  we'll see.   anyway i digressed into the boring minutiae.  

this place is gorgeous.  palm trees and beautiful architecture and seriously right on the beach.  and there's a large cobalt blue tiled wading pool right outside the door of our building.  gorgeous paving stones everywhere you walk and little feral beggars kitties try to charm your socks off to get some food.  we sat in a terraced-restaurant and watched the parasailers (-ors?) float around and marveled at the ridonkulosity of the spring break hard bodies of which there are oodles.  i got a good night's sleep after a huge meal of chicken broth (yeah don't you wish you were me?)  and feel better though a little shaky this morning.   can't eat or drink anything til after surgery so i'm just gonna be a little dried out.  

i'm a bit nervous and just wish it were tomorrow already so the surgery'd be over and done with and i could just get on with getting strong and getting onto the beach!!  

so i'll stop for now and get re-packed for the hospital. i'm assuming no wifi in the hospital so i'll be incommunicado til sunday.  wish me luck and i'll see you all on the flipside!
Tags: mexican stitchery
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