la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

another update

hey gang!
all's well in puerta vallarta.  today i was cleared for clear liquids--you have no idea how amazing one damn ice chip is.  a little bit of cold heaven in your mouth!  they took the drain out of my tummy (grosssss--i didn't watch) and i am now the proud owner of a successful gastric bypass.  my spanish has also gotten pretty good in the course of all this.  especially around asking for pain meds!  the staff has been super good overall and it's been a pretty bizarre, surreal, and positive time.   tomorrow i get to go to the hotel and be out of this place!   4 nights in a hospital is 4 too many if you ask me.  but everything's good and i'm feeling pretty well.  even vaguely approaching normal.  so how are you guys?

Tags: mexican stitchery
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