la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

awesome day!

just spent such a nice afternoon with absolute_tash who is an even bigger doll in person than she is online.  what a nice thing to get to finally meet such a dear friend.   it kinda makes me want to give the interweb a great big ole smooch!   we went to mimi's where i had yummy french onion soup sans onions and then to borders where i purchased some hannibal lecter reading and we perused all the graphic novels they had on their shelves and then to nordstrom rack where i tried on so many beautiful pairs of high-heeled shoes that my heart nearly broke.  oh for a life in which i could actually use such fripperies!   tash almost bought (and i was no help at all steering her away from this) a drop-dead gorgeous pair of lace-up knee-high black leather boots with this beeootifool louis xiv heel, but she wisely desisted, figuring she needs to eat in london not just be there.   smart girl!  then we came back home where she tutored me in the art of torrenting.  finally.  i think i get it.  and today i made an executive decision to go to full liquids one day early, so i'm having delicious protein drinks that almost taste like food and sugar-free pudding!!!  also i feel pretty good.  i only had to take some tylenol late this afternoon and that is great progress!    now i am very tired and will watch my dl'ed ep of lost and go to sleep! 

bonne nuit, cher internet!

Tags: life (the real one)
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