la_tante (la_tante) wrote,

let me sing you the how i met your mother blues

hi i'm julia and i'll be your complainer for this evening.  

i just caught up on the last 3 eps of himym and honestly i'm so fed up.  i'm fed up with the crappy covering up of alyson hannigan's pregnancy (which baby has arrived btw).  it would have been such a cool arc if they'd had them get pregnant and deal with that as a group.  and it's starting to show on colbie as well--she got huge boobies in the murtaugh list ep.

 i'm fed up with ted's whining.  his absolute inability to take a joke.  his fucking zen rooftop garden and birthing corridor.  i know he's the main character, but when you have the other 4, do you really need him?  

and most of all, though i do understand the show is, again, revolving around ted, i'm fed up with the complete lack of movement on the barney and robin front.  it'd be one thing if the runners made some sort of definitive "ok it's never going to happen" moment in an ep, but they've slowly jerked us along since the beginning of the season.   every time it seemed like maybe barney would grow the stones to say something, they've pulled the rug out from under him.   so many lost moments.  in the recent one where robin was dying for her friends to watch her show, instead of taking the opportunity to have barney be her stalwart supporter, they had him in a ridiculous pajama story line with marshall which, while silly and cute, was merely silly and cute.   he could have been the one to tivo the damn show unbeknownst to the others and had a minute of connection with robin.  

but they've put it off for so long now, i can't believe they're somehow going to ever deal with what  they set up last year.  it must be, you know, friends sleep together, and it can get all weird or emotional or whatever and then just fade.  but they gave us the look in the hospital and barney's revelation to lily early on in the season so we'd all get our panties in a twist over it.  but they had to mess with it and have him declare for the bimbos.  and then months of pretty much nothing.  and the crap of it all is that i will still watch the damn thing because  my little shipper heart still beats with hope that those damn people will get their collective heads out of their collective asses and fix this show!   /rant.  

thank you for your attention.  tell me your thoughts. 
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