la_tante (la_tante) wrote,


so i hied myself over there and did one of them openid things (better late than never, i suppose).  and being the super-creative person i am, i'm la_tante there too.  and now i guess i, well hmmm.  i keep thinking i'd like to buy the membership if i can get one when it opens on the 30th.   but i'm not sure.    i feel like i worked pretty hard to create the community i have here and not sure if it makes sense to have 2 blogging identities on teh interweb. i realize many people do have that but it seems so complicated to me.  perhaps if i were invited to be a beta-tester, it might be a more pressing thing to do.  it is exciting and seems pretty damn cool and i like the idea of participating in something new and vaguely subversive.  tell me what you think, oh flisty mcflisters! 
Tags: dreamwidth
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